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Osman Ağa Culture House is a beautiful luxurious place ready for your wedding organizations. To crown your happy marriage with many beauties, our experienced team is ready to serve you. Marriages are great opportunities for culture to settle and grow apace. Contributing to the culture of marriage and keeping its light warm and bright delights us greatly.

Osman Ağa Culture House has three rooms, ready for your needs. For different occasions and use cases, the rooms we provide can sometimes offer you a nice place for getting ready for the wedding, or you can stay with us during your holiday and enjoy the beauties of our culture. If you need a bigger place for staying, please check Osman Ağa Hotel’s website. We thought of all your needs.

Sultan’s Kitchen was established in order to present the best tastes of the Turkish Cypriot Cuisine with traditional Cypriot dishes, especially kebab varieties and oven kebab, both to the people of the region and to the tourists visiting our country in accordance with our culture.